Our Pricing

Free Services

  • Free Warehouse Address
  • 200 Days Free Storage
  • Photos of Package Once Received
  • Repacking
  • Free Test Run up to 1 Item
Charges you will Pay

  • Compilation Request   $5 Per Request
  • Assisted Purchase       1st Purchase $3, After that $5 or 5%
  • Extra Pictures               $1 Per Request
  • Test Run                       $1 Per Request
  • Extra Packing               $2 Per Shipment


1. Assisted Purchase

International Card? Online stores are not accepting your payments. No Worries, we have a solution for you. A hassle-free experience of Online Shopping from US. Splice Packages will assist you with your purchase, just sign up and let us know what product, color, size and which store you are looking for and leave that to us, we’ll do the processing and help you to get your desired product delivered at your doorstep. We are offering this service so online shoppers around the globe can buy desired items from the US.

Splice Packages understand your needs. Our Experts are available to find you any item or product you want to buy from US at very cheap price. Splice Packages is a resource for online shoppers to expand their purchasing options as well as great way to save money while buying and shipping from US.

Sometimes deals which looks great, actually are not good enough as advertised. Have a word with our team to discuss your shopping options. We would love to handle your queries to make your shopping and Shipping from US easier and reliable. Splice packages is offering services on which you can rely on.

2. Test Run Request

Want to do Online shopping form US and wants it delivered to your home address? Worried about how is it going to be in terms of quality? Not a problem. Splice packages provides all its consumers a solution for this problem. Purchase all you want and deliver it to our Free US Warehouse Address and our team can perform a Quality Check to make sure if your item is operational and functional.

Why Quality Check? Because purchasing a smartphone that doesn't work, can ruin your whole effort and dream of shopping and shipping from US. This is where Splice Packages helps you. Buy freely and deliver it to our Free US Warehouse Address and our team can run a Quality Check if your product is working fine so that your time and money can be saved

This service will help you to make your shop & ship process reliable and easy. We believe this Quality Check is essential to meet our customers expectations.

3. Extra Pictures

When you are buying from any US online store it is very important for you to confirm whether you are going to receive the correct Item or Product which you ordered. Splice Packages is here to make sure that our customers are not losing money by delivering wrong item at their desired addresses. Splice Packages will help you by providing you detailed pictures of your package once received at our facility so you can confirm your order.

If Provided pictures are not clear enough not to be worried, you can always submit a request for extra pictures or you can contact our Customer Support representative to confirm the content of your package. We are focusing on service to be the best package forwarding company in US so our customers can have an amazing online shopping experience without any inconvenience.

Splice packages is not just offering shipping services from US but also offering a helping hand to your shopping needs. Now you can receive your items at your doorstep while sitting next to your computer and by having communication with our professional & friendly customer support team.

4. Extra Packing

Got your package from an online store but with compromised packing can be a real turn off sometimes. Worry not! Now your package regardless of size and packing can be safe and aesthetic simultaneously. Splice packages offer customers an option to get your package a nice and safe packing so no matter what if it takes heavy burden or rough curves of the cargo flight, your package comes home in a safe and nice-looking packing.

This safety parameter not only ensures the protection of your package but also provides beautiful details to your package. So now if it’s a laptop or a smartphone, Who cares if you have your package guarantee ensured?.

Our specialized packing material includes bubble wrap sheet and foam pellets that not only provide an extra wrap to your package but regularly spaced bubble sheet protruding air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) provide cushioning to all your fragile items so even if your package gets a bumpy ride on road or a turbulence in flight it should never tell you a bad story.