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No doubt, the Internet has not only become an essential part of our daily life, but also a shopping channel to reach almost every existing item even located in the other corner of the world. This emergence and rapid growth E-commerce have triggered many significant changes in our lifestyles and habits. People in are shifting to online shopping and find it suitable to get products from the comfort of their living room. Accordingly, many popular USA based stores and brands are going online and now providing the facilities of online purchase to their overseas customers. Where we observe a rise in online shopping trends, we also notice some common issues across country-to-country shipment and payment methods.

For Instance, living in Philippines, it can be difficult to find your favorite known USA brands, or the products can be very expensive in terms of international shipping charges to buy them being outside the USA. Or you may find it almost impossible to get your desired US stores brands online because many US retailors do not offer direct delivery to the Philippines. In this matter a reliable Package and Mail Forwarding Company like Splice Packages can help you.

You can now easily purchase any US products from reputed US online stores through excellent services of Splice Packages and get them shipped directly to your doorstep in Philippines. A reliable company like Splice Packages can provide you such level of quality experience, that nobody can ever do.


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Safe and relaible shipping option

We understand that People of Philippines love to shop online from USA shopping sites, but international shipping procedures can be a hectic task, if you make it on your own. The best way to buy from USA is to hire Splice Packages’ professionals for smooth and cost-effective shipping to Philippines from USA. Splice Packages’ mail forwarding services to buy from hundreds of USA based online shopping sites is the most simple and effective option for you. The International shipping restrictions can no longer bound you. We provide you a free US postal address and the freedom to purchase anything from any USA online stores of your choice.

Our Shop and Ship services, provide Philippines based online shoppers with full freedom to have access to the USA market, while sitting in front of their screens. Just shop from Popular USA online stores, deliver your purchases to our USA warehouse address, get consolidation service, and shipped your package anywhere in Philippines with no hassle at all. Furthermore, the Assisted Purchase Service at Splice Packages provides you the help in any difficulty of unfamiliar payment methods or any hurdle regarding rules and regulations.

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What is the cheapest way to ship from USA to Philippines

Safe and relaible shipping option

As a most reputed and trustworthy package forwarding company, Splice Packages find you the cheapest rates of your shipments to Philippines from USA. By teaming up with the best carriers, we can secure the best deals and volume discounts to pass the savings on to you. We can ship one larger package instead of multiple smaller packages and we don’t charge for repacking or fuel surcharges to your precious money.

At splice Packages, our team is quick and very careful with all your purchases and makes every possible effort to ship your packages at your doorstep in Philippines with all the safety measures. We fulfill all your shop and ship needs, as our team intends that you can have a lower cost of shipping to Philippines from USA. Now, All Your favorite USA stores are just a click away.

You Just Need to:

  • 1.     Sign-Up, get an account and a Free US Address
  • 2.     Shop and Ship to the Virtual address
  • 3.     Provide your Philippines address
  • 4.     Get your items to Your Doorstep



We have partnered with the top shipping carrier companies to provide our users with the most
reliable shipping services at the most competitive prices.

Choose Shipment Weight


ETA:12 Business days



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ETA:8 Days


How long does it take to ship from US to Philippines

We facilitate you throughout the process of getting full advantages of discounts, deals and promotions even those that are only valid for US based customers. With our wide range of services that are available in Philippines now, to get you through the process. When you sign up (for free) on our official website and becomes our valuable member, you receive our Free USA based Warehouse Address. This allows you to ship your all purchased products from USA online stores to directly our warehouse. Once our team receive your ordered package, it is totally up to you to pick from our wide-ranging shipping options, that “how”, “when” and “where” you want to receive your products in Philippines at your address.

Splice Packages offer you the most affordable, fastest, and cheapest shipping from USA to Philippines time. Your packages can be shipped to you in as quick as 2 days. Our shipping options from USA to Philippines are:

  • Express delivery option: 2 to 4 business days
  • Economy deliver option: 5 to 10 business days


How much does it cost to ship from USA to Philippines

Estimating the shipping cost of your desired products from the USA to Philippines, is quite easy with our Splice Package Cost Calculator stamped on our official website. Simply enter the expected weight of your package and get a price quotation in few seconds! A special access to our real-time shipping tool, allows you to compare shipping methods, price estimates, and shipping times so you get the lower cost of shipping to Philippines with fastest delivery options.

Splice Packages, facilitates you in Cost of Shipping to Philippines

As our only intention is to serve you in saving your money by cheap cost of shipping to Philippines and making it easy and affordable!

  • • Our exclusive partnerships with reputed shipping carriers give you a cheap shipping from USA to Philippines.
  • • Our members can get free services of consolidating packages to save the time and money both by combining all shipments from multiple USA retailers and repack them into one package, then ship directly to your Philippines Address.

US address for shipping to Philippines

The Splice Packages’ warehouse is located in Florida, USA. This access is totally free to all our valued customers. As this address works like a tax-free zone in USA, that means you need to pay lower shipping and storage charges for the package forwarding service, and simultaneously, the best customer services that too at the lowest possible market rates.

The Splice Packages’ warehouse is located in Florida, USA.

Our Valued Customers can use this address to ship all your packages. You can trust our services that benefits you in:

  1. Free Storage for Up To 200 Days
  2. Fast Processing
  3. Low Service Rates with No Hidden Charges
  4. Multiple Shipping Carriers
  5. Friendly and Cooperative Customer Support Centre

Please Note: Splice Packages cannot be responsible for any sort of shipping delays in cases that are beyond our control, such as bad weather, political unrest or delays at your customs office. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 Customer Service Centre.


We provide numerous services including package and mail forwarding, assisted purchase, consolidation of packages and free USA warehouse address to all our customers around the globe.


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Our team includes dedicated and always ready to serve kind of players. We strongly believe that coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress while working together is success.


We have partnership with best and user-friendly carrier services includes but not limited to FedEx, DHL, Aramex, USPS & UPS.


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