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Who are we?
We are USA based package and mail forwarding company providing cheap and fastest services to all our customers around the globe 24/7.
What do we do?
We provide numerous services including package and mail forwarding, assisted purchase, consolidation of packages and free USA warehouse address to all our customers around the globe.
When and where we started?
“The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now” Idea was there forever; all it took time to develop. We started form USA with an aim to provide best package forwarding services to people over the world regardless of their location.
What we have on board (Team Members)?
Our team includes dedicated and always ready to serve kind of players. We strongly believe that coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress while working together is success.
Our partnerships?
We have partnership with best and user-friendly carrier services includes but not limited to FedEx, DHL, Aramex, USPS & UPS.
When can I start using your service?
There’s no specific time for shopping. So, grab your phone or laptop and start using www.splicepackages.com now and enjoy amazing benefits and services.
No matter what, your packages always comes first. For more details contact info@splicepackages.com.
Is it mandatory for me to sign-up?
If you are just wandering our website there is no need for sign-up process. Click on the live chat button or make a call and get all your concerns resolved. If you want to get estimation regarding shipping cost go to www.splicepackages.com/shipping and get details regarding cost, carrier and estimated delivery time. However, if you want to avail our services and free USA warehouse address Sign-up now and shop freely and ship fast. For more details contact support@splicepackages.com.
Do I have to pay to sign up?
Our Sign-up process is absolutely free, easy and simple. All you need is to go to www.splicepackages.com and register yourself now and enjoy our economical and fastest services.
Do I need to enter my TAX ID?
Our sing-up process is easy breezy. All you need is your name and Email address and there you go. We require no TAX ID for our registration process. For more details contact info@splicepackages.com.
Where do I Sign-up?
At our website main screen choose the option for Sign-up and register yourself with minimal and ready to go details and start using our amazing services.
How to enter destination address?
Add the destination address to your profile including house number, street name, street type, and postal code.
Why it requires my mobile number for Sign-up?
Splice packages believes that time is money and we know that how much you love and wait for your purchased item to be at your home ready to use. Therefor, we request our customers to provide Email address and Phone numbers so that in case of any query or concern we can reach back to you in minimal amount of time.
What phone number can I provide to retailers?
You can provide our free USA Warehouse address and phone number to your retailers so that they can coordinate with us regarding your package and we can spare as much time as possible in this shop to ship cycle. For more details contact Support@splicepackages.com.
I can’t sign-in?
Make sure you have a steady internet connection, have registered yourself already, and submitting correct information in the field. If your issue still persists, click on the live chat button or call our customer support representative Department: Support anytime or contact support@splicepackages.com.
Do I have Splice availability in my country?
To check the availability of Splice Packages in your country click on www.splicepackages.com/shipping and see if your country is listed In the “country field” and results are showing up against the desired country. For more details contact info@splicepackages.com.
Do I need to login every time I switch to Splice?
If you have logged in Splice Packages site will remember you every time to use www.splicepackages.com. However, if you are away from your system for a longer time or have reset your browser settings your connection will get timed out as a security parameter. In that case you need to sign-in and resume your Splice services again. For more details contact info@splicepackages.com.
How secure my Log-in details are?
In Splice Packages we strongly believe that all information and data of the customer is there privacy and we have strict safety protocols to avoid any kind of Data and information breach form our Database. Your information is safe with us and share no details of our customers with client or company without our customer’s concerns and affirmation. For more details contact info@splicepackages.com.
I forgot my login password?
In case you have forgotten your password open the sign-in page and click on the option “Forgot your password” it will cascade a process and an Email for your password reset will be sent to your registered email with Splice Packages. For more details contact info@splicepackages.com.
I can’t reset my password?
If you are unable to reset your password make sure these steps:
1) you have registered yourself with Splice packages
2) you have entered correct email address or password without spelling and other omissions
3) you have entered correct email address that you have registered with Splice Packages
4) you have stable internet connection
5) Check the junk/ spam boxes of your email in case it doesn’t appear in inbox
6) For more details contact support@splicepackages.com
How to enter destination address?
Add the destination address to your profile including house number, street name, street type, and postal code.
Where do I find my Splice address?
You can find our Free US Warehouse Address in your dashboard main page once you are logged into your profile.
Where do I manage my billing address and shipping addresses?
Sign up with splice packages and update your addresses in your profile. However, you don’t have to save your billing address once your card is verified from your wallet.
Is there any membership plan that I can buy?
There is no membership for standard user account. But we are offering a business account for merchants around the Globe. For more information on business account please visit our Business Solutions page.
How do I upgrade to Business plan?
Please click on Business Solution page from top menu and submit a request form from there. Our representative will get back to assist you with your account upgradation.
How can I cancel my account?
When you delete your account, your profile, photos, videos, package details and transaction history will be permanently removed.
To delete your account follow:
Log-in account >Settings > Manage account > Scroll down to Deactivate your account > Password for verification process > Confirm Delete.
Why is my Wallet showing Negative balance?
If an account shows negative balance or arrears it means that particular account is flagged as red. Arrears can mean payment is overdue, or that the payment is due until after the service period. When an account is paid in arrears in this usage, each subsequent payment is applied to the oldest payment until the account is "caught up. For more details contact info@splicepackages.com
I think someone is else is using my account/ ATO?
Account takeover is a form of identity theft where a fraudster illegally gets access to your bank or online e-commerce account using bots. Team Splice Packages strongly adhere the policy of customers satisfaction & data protection and we treat such cases on firm grounds. In case of ATO report to our customer support representative Department: Investigation and legal or contact support@splicepackages.com and reach to your bank for details of your card last usage.
My issue is not listed here related to sign-in/ sign-up?
We try our best to update frequently asked question on based on surveys and queries generated, However, if your concern isn’t listed here contact our customer support representative Department: Support or contact support@splicepackages.com.
I want to put my shipment on hold?
As long as shipment is at our facility and in processing user can submit request for hold on shipment, once the payment is made, we cannot hold shipment.
Can I cancel or return my package?
Once package is received and uploaded to your account and you want to return the package, please contact seller and get return label from seller and you can submit request from our Live Chat Support.
I can’t see cancel or return option for my package?
Please contact our Support team and provide return label you have received from seller. Your request will be generated manually and we’ll return your package.
How long does it take to upload my package?
We will upload your package to your account within 12 business hours. When we say business hours that means US business hours which are 9:00 AM EST to 5:00 PM EST.
Can I receive letters and magazines via Splice?
Yes, you can ship letters, Magazines or other important documents with Splice Packages Llc.
Do shipping rates include Import Duties and Taxes?
Shipping rates do not include any VAT or Duty Taxes. These taxes are payable to your chosen carrier at the time of delivery of your shipment or you can pay these taxes to your local customs.
What shipping methods do you offer?
Splice packages is offering reliable air cargo and freight services for large or small shipments.
Can I use some other shipping carrier not shown in your calculator?
No, we are in partnership contract with these carriers thus these are the only carriers available for shipping.
When is my shipment going to be mailed out?
If the payment is made during the first half of business hours which is till 2:00 PM EST. We will ship your package in the evening of same day.
Can I ship my package to an APO, FPO or P.O. Box address?
Yes, you can ship your packages to all these addresses.
Can I ship to another package forwarder?
Unfortunately, We can’t ship your package to any package forwarding company inside the US.
Can I ship lithium-ion batteries from USA?
Being able to ship lithium-ion batteries is dependent upon three things:
1) The type of battery (as mentioned below)
2) The country restrictions
3) The carrier you chose

PI965 - Loose batteries - NOT ALLOWED
EXAMPLE: phone batteries, camera batteries, etc.
Due to regulations by the IATA, FAA and the TSA, splice cannot ship loose lithium-ion batteries
PI966 - Batteries packed with equipment - ALLOWED (CARRIER RESTRICTIONS APPLY)
EXAMPLE: A Mobile Phone + Battery
PI967 - Batteries contained in equipment - ALLOWED (CARRIER RESTRICTIONS APPLY)
EXAMPLE: A Mobile Phone or Laptopn with the battery inside it

NOTE: If your items do not come with the original product box, please place a "special request" to have the items be repacked in a cardboard box and then placed in the shipping box.
Which carriers can ship lithium-ion batteries?
IMPORTANT NOTE: All carriers that do allow shipment of batteries have a weight limit of 11 lbs (5kg).

FedEx: Only allows PI966 and PI967 batteries.

DHL: Only allows PI966 and PI967 batteries.
2 or more items per package, MSDS will be required
2 or less items per package, MSDS is NOT required

USPS - DPD - Skypostal - Sagawa & Boxberry: Only allows P1967 (must be installed in the devices)
Item Limit: 2 items per package that contain batteries

For more details contact info@splicepackages.com or please have a word with our customer support representative from Live Chat.
What is an MSDS form and how can I get one?
The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that contains information on products with potential hazards. Many products, especially electronics, contain compounds that pose a health, fire, reactivity or environmental risks when shipped. An MSDS is usually required for lithium-ion batteries or products containing specified chemicals.
You can find an MSDS form by searching online for; item name + model number + MSDS.
For example: "iPhone 7 MSDS"
If you cannot find it online, simply contact the seller to obtain this form. You'll need to upload this completed form to your splice account using the "Provide Information" option.
IMPORTANT NOTE:MSDS form will be required for the following countries regardless amount of batteries in your package:
• Australia
• Bangladesh
• Brunei Darussalam
• China
• Hong Kong
• India
• Indonesia
• Japan
• Laos
• Macao
• Malaysia
• Maldives
• New Zealand
• Pakistan
• Philippines
• Singapore
• South Korea
• Sri Lanka
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• Vietnam
Is my package safe?
In Splice Packages we strongly believe and adhere to fact that your package is of utmost importance to us and we make sure that our safety protocols are for every firm and fragile product regardless of size and mass capacity.
What do I do after my package is received into the warehouse?
Once Package is received and uploaded to your account, you can submit consolidation request and your shipping process will be initiated.
What is Dimensional Weight?
It’s a volumetric weight which is based on the measurements of your shipment dimensions. Most of the carriers charge either for Dimensional weight or Actual weight whichever is higher.
How Dimensional weight is different form actual weight?
Dimensional weight is a volumetric weight based on the measurements of your shipment dimensions. Whereas actual weight is the weight of your shipment box. Most of the Carriers charge either for Dimensional weight or Actual weight which is higher.
What is the weight and size limit for my package?
It depends on the carrier you will choose. Please contact our support team to get the information against specific carrier you are looking for.
Is there any additional fees associated with heavy packages?
There are no extra charges applicable on heavy shipments. However, if there is any restriction or fee applied by the carriers users will be informed.
How long can I store my package in the warehouse?
Users can store their package for free up to 200 days. After that there is applicable fee of $1/ day for 15 days even then if shipping request is not submitted against package, Splice Packages holds the right to abandon package or sell your package to another member.
Can I or someone I designate pick up my package in person at the splice warehouse? How would I do it?
We don’t allow self-pickup from our warehouse facility.
My package states "Delivered to the warehouse," but is not in my account. Where is my package?
Once Package is marked as delivered please allow 12 business hours in case of further delay immediately contact our support team and launch your complaint against delivered package.
What happens if I forgot my suite number when ordering with my U.S. address online?
Where you have missed to mention your Suite number while buying items it’s your responsibility to keep tracking your package and as soon as it gets delivered please notify our support team so they can upload package to your account.
Will you notify me after my package arrives to your warehouse?
Yes, you will receive notification once package will be uploaded to your account.
What payment methods do you offer in my country?
Currently Splice Packages Llc is offering following payment methods:
• Master
• Visa
• Amex
• Discovery
• PayPal
• Bank Wire Transfer
How long do payments take to process?
Payments will be updated instantly once payment is made for shipment, pending for payment or Assisted Purchase. However, we need to confirm the transactions made for wallet update.
How can I send a Bank Wire Transfer?
Users can get our international bank account number from their wallet, and they can transfer funds to the account. After that users have to verify transactions by providing transfer receipts at our Live Chat Portal to representative: Department Finance.
Why is my payment not showing in my account?
• Usually wallet transactions need couple of hours to be updated or to appear in your wallet. But in case if it’s not updated within 2 hours of time please contact our Live Chat Support.
• Or may be your account was in arrears and transaction has adjusted.
Why is my card payment not processing?
There are several reasons for this, we have tried to highlight some of the important ones below:
• Please check if you are entering correct card number or CVV
• Check Card Expiry please
• Make sure your Card is active for online or international transactions
• You might have reached your daily or total card limit on the day you tried to charge your card
If this issue still persists please contact our customer support representative Department Finance.
How do I make a payment?
The payment option for shipment will be appeared once your shipment will be prepared and ready to ship. But you can add a deposit to your wallet, please follow the steps:
• Go to Wallet option
• Verify your card
• Enter your card details
• Enter Amount
• Click Submit

PLEASE NOTE: Your wallet deposit will take an hour to be updated.
Do I need to add a deposit before my package arrives to your warehouse?
No, there is no need to add any funds to your wallet. But please verify your card so you can make payment or use your card to make payments against your shipping requests.
Can I pay in cash?
No, Splice Packages is not offering COD (Cash on Delivery). We are only accepting online payments.
How do I return item/s back to the store?
If you want to return any package back to store, please contact seller immediately and get the return label. Once you have that label from seller you can submit request manually by contacting our support team.
How do I request a refund?
Please reach out to our Live Chat support Department Finance and submit request manually.
How will I receive my refund?
Either you can receive your refund back to your card which you have used to make payment or to your Wallet.
How long does it take to process a refund?
All refunds will take 3 to 5 business days to be processed.
How do I report a lost, undelivered, or damaged package?
In case your package is not delivered to your home address, please contact your chosen carrier. As Splice Packages Llc is only responsible for the shipment or package is available at our facility. But in case of delay or any hassle please Contact our Customer Support Department Shipping.
If your package got damaged in transit, please take a picture of the package you have received and share it with our team Department Claims, all insured packages will be compensated.
I received an incorrect package. What do I do?
In such scenarios please take a picture of the items or shipment you have received along Customs Declaration Form and contact our team Department Claims user will be compensated.
What if my package arrived to your warehouse damaged or is missing items?
User will receive details of the items delivered on our warehouse facility and if there is any item missing or damaged you will be notified. Please Contact seller to claim refund or to return the package.
What if my package was lost within the warehouse?
If there is any damage or lost package situation occur at our warehouse facility Splice Packages is liable to compensate or fulfill your loss.
Why were content photos taken when I did not request them?
Splice packages reserves a right to take pictures of your items or shipment to deal with any situation or claims scenarios. But we assure you your shipment or package privacy will be maintained.
I am a retailer who shipped product to your customer and suspect fraud. Can you help me?
Yes, in such situations please contact our Support Team and submit all the necessary information and launch complaint against such package. We need the following information;
• Tracking Number of the Package
• Transaction Receipts or Images
• Name of the Person
• Other related and available information.
What is an EEI form and do I need one?
Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing is generally required by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for U.S. exports that contain a single commodity's value exceeding $2,500 USD.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If the value of your item does exceed $2,500 USD, we can only ship DHL or FedEx due to import and export regulations
Formerly known as Shipper's Export Declaration (SED), the EEI is filled electronically by one of two ways:

1. You do it yourself. (Please find the links below to help you complete the EEI form.)
FedEx EEI information
DHL EEI information

2. Splice on your behlaf
Is the value in USD?
All the transactions or amounts mentioned are in USD.
How do I complete the customs declaration?
You can edit or fill your customs declaration form at the time of submitting consolidation request. You can write any suitable price against your item.
Do I have to pay taxes and customs fees if a package arrives at Splice Warehouse from outside the country? How would I pay?
If there will be any applicable customs fee you will be informed by your carrier or please confirm with carrier. Splice Packages is a third-party service and we are only liable for the charges which users will pay directly to Splice Packages.
Do I need to write anything on my customs declaration form, even if I am shipping within the US?
Yes, it is necessary to fill customs declaration form even if the destination address is inside the US.