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Splice Packages Terms of Service

Splice Packages offers package consolidation, freight forwarding, and mail forwarding services from the United States to other countries in the world. Splice Packages and its associates provide its services through this website, its mobile applications, its software and technology that are governed by the terms and conditions detailed on this page.

Henceforth, the words “We, Us, Our, or the company” will be used to refer to Splice Packages. The words “You, your” will be used to refer to “Website visitors, clients and all those whose information is secured and utilized by the company.”

Updates to the Policy

The terms and conditions of service outlined here are subject to modification, emission, or amendment at any time at the sole discretion of Splice Packages. The changes will be made with the technological, legal and social changes in mind. All interested parties are advised to review this page from time to time to stay up to date on the policy. If any material changes are made to this policy we will notify our premium members through the contact details that they provide while registration.


By registering with this website and creating either a free membership account or a premium membership account, you essentially agree to all the terms and conditions outlined on this page. In case, any of terms of this statement are changed in future, your continued use of our services without notice of discontinuation means that you agree with the up to date policy. Any promises, exemptions, or understandings apart from what is written in this policy statement are only eligible if they are in a written form. If you have any concerns or queries regarding any portion of this statement you can reach us through the contact details provided on the Contact Us page.

Privacy Policy Statement

The information that we obtain about anyone on this site through various sources is governed by our privacy policy statement available here (insert link). By using our services and/or accessing our website you also agree to our privacy policy.

Membership Options and Services

Splice Packages offers two types of membership options. A free membership account that offers delivery of mails, small-sized packages, freight, magazines and catalogues at your registered or given address, for a per-delivery charge. And a premium membership account where you have to pay a onetime membership fee for larger volumes or E-commerce solutions. This membership is more suitable for larger volumes of shipment and includes many additional extra services that do not come with the free account.

Our members receive a suite number where they can receive their packages and consolidated until they are ready to be delivered to their designated address(s). When we receive a package addressed for your suit number we will notify you and check its contents as per your instructions. We provide digital photos of the contents of the packages through our membership portal. Once a threshold of the packages to be delivered is reached, we consolidate your packages and ship it to the selected ship address(s) around the globe.

We serve primarily as an agent for our members for consolidation and forwarding of mails, merchandise and packages to our affiliated or unaffiliated shipping carriers. We are in no way involved in direct sales, promotion, negotiations, purchase, guarantees, warranties, or transport of merchandise. We are in no way responsible for either the sellers or the receivers of merchandise. We take responsibility for only so long as the merchandise is under our custody. We are only liable or involved in purchase if any item or merchandise is purchased through our assisted purchase.

Terms of Account


In order to be eligible for our services, you need to register with us through an online profile form. You are required to provide certain details and at the end receive an ID and password to access your account. Your membership officially starts once we receive your online application; however, it is only confirmed once we have received all the necessary documentation. The following conditions are necessary for anyone to apply for membership, whether it is free membership of premium membership:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age in case of an individual or registered company.
  2. You must complete all the necessary information asked for in the online form, like account title, email address, mailing address, and telephone numbers. You must update your information if anything changes.
  3. You must submit at least one identity verification document like passport, utility bill, or US Postal Service form 1583 before using our services.
  4. You need to associate at least one valid payment mechanism with the account in order to receive our services. The payment method may be verified from time to time by an authorization hold mechanism.
  5. You need to provide all the necessary legal export documentation for a premium account.
  6. You have the sole responsibility of ensuring the confidentiality of account ID and password and any activity arising from your account with your ID and password. In case you fear that your account ID and password may be stolen you must notify us and change your password through the online portal.


The detail related to the price of various services is covered on our Pricing page. Follow the link here (insert link) for more details.

Funding Your Account

Funding your account may involve the following terms:

  1. In order to start using our services, premium members must deposit funds into their account to cover for service charges. The amount needed to be deposited depends on their subscription option and also on their average volume requirements. Free members don't need to deposit any funds; however, they need to verify their payment method.
  2. All transactions have to be made in US Dollars.
  3. Acceptable payment methods include debit cards, credit cards, online bank transfer, PayPal, and wire transfer.
  4. Membership subscriptions will be automatically renewed unless prior notice of discontinuation is received in advance.
  5. If you change your payment method, or there are large discrepancies we may put your account on authorization hold to ensure that the details are valid and sufficient funds are available to cover the charges. We may still process your packages as normal; however, in certain scenarios, the delivery of the packages may be halted. We will keep you up to date on the status of your account and transactions.
  6. Any transaction costs associated with the payments must be borne by you.
  7. Shipments will continue as long as your account has a positive balance.
  8. Services charges for already completed deliveries are non-refundable.


By registering your account and providing your payment method information, you authorize us to charge your payment method for the services rendered without prior notice. We will send you a receipt of payment with details of charges upon each transaction.

If you have any dispute with regards to any transaction you can contact us directly with relevant proofs. If there is a mistake we will refund the discrepancy. However, if you decide to file a chargeback or any other legal remedy your account shall be suspended and we will only respond to you through legal means.


If your account holds a balance above the minimum amount needed to perform regular operations until the next subscription payment, or you want to discontinue our services, you may ask for a refund of your balance above the minimum level or in full.

In case any of the package gets tempered, lost or damaged by any mean in our premises they are liable to seek a refund but keeping in mind a refund acquires 3-5 business days minimum or as per bank policies.

Dormant Accounts

Accounts with in-activity for more than 6 months shall be considered as dormant accounts. You are required to contact us at least once every 6 months. If you fail to do so, any funds available in your account may be forfeited.


Accounts may be terminated in the following scenarios:

  1. One individual or company is eligible for only one account with us. Duplicate or multiple accounts may lead to termination of the account.
  2. Payments are only acceptable if they are made through the payment methods that are registered with your account. If you make a payment using payment methods owned by others, we may terminate your account.
  3. If we detect any fraudulent activity on your account, we may terminate your account.
  4. You may request for account termination for any reason, as long as your account holds zero or positive balance.
  5. We may suspend or terminate your account with or without notice upon breach of any terms and conditions set forth here or any mutual contract agreed upon by both parties.

We may provide notice before termination of the account with details about the reason if necessary and your obligations. If you do not fulfill your obligations within the set time-period, any funds or assets in our custody may be withheld or forfeited.

Shipping Conditions

Merchandise received by us will be shipped to the address written on the packages as per the following conditions:

  • You grant Splash Packaging full authorization to act on your behalf in dealings with registration, receiving and sending shipments.
  • You are responsible for providing all shipping documentation.
  • You agree that shipping carriers may open your shipment to inspect the content if they deem necessary.
  • You understand that we are only responsible for receiving, storing, and consolidating the shipments, we are not responsible for actual transportation. You may choose your preferred carriers from the list provided will registering.
  • You must adhere to the terms and conditions of the carrier companies. If there are any problems due to mistakes in address or packaging from your side, we may resend the packages with additional delivery charges.
  • All shipping charges are calculated on the basis of standard US measurement units.
  • All packages received by us must be in accordance with the weight and dimension requirements of the carriers. If they do not match with their requirements, we may charge additional fees for adjusting the packages upon your agreement. If you don’t wish the packaging to be adjusted we will resend you the package and you will be liable for postage costs.

Problems with Delivery

The delivery dates provided with each shipment are estimated dates based on past averages. We do not take any responsibility for any delays due to natural calamity, foreign government hurdles, or any unforeseen situations.

Once we receive the packages, we take digital photographs for record-keeping purpose and provide you with a copy of the pictures to verify that internal contents are correct. We are not responsible for any problems that occur prior to our receiving the contents or after we hand them over to the carriers.

We may file claims for lost or damaged goods to the carriers on your behalf upon your notification with the stipulated period as per carrier’s terms and conditions.

Shipping Insurance

We take full responsibility for the goods during the time they remain under our custody. In case of any damage during our custody, we maintain an active insurance policy for all goods under our custody. If any goods are damaged under our custody, you will receive a replacement good or a payment to cover the damages. Insurance coverage is limited to $2500 per package. Furthermore, the insurance does not cover any prohibited items that may be delivered to us or items intended for prohibited countries.

You are advised to maintain your own insurance policy for coverage of delays, and damages above and the insurance limits covered by us.

Cancellation or Change in Order

Once a shipment has been processed by us and delivered to the shipping carrier, we may not be able to cancel or change the order. If cancellation is possible it may be liable for a cancellation fee as per the carrier’s terms on top of which our service charges will be applied.


We will store packages received by us for up to 3 days for free membership accounts and 30 days for the premium members. If the packages need to be stored for more than that period, you may be charged extra storage time fee per parcel.

We maintain reasonable security measures at our warehouses, including security cameras, walls with bobbed-wire fencing and security personnel. Furthermore, the items under our custody are insured against theft and damage.

Unclaimed &Abandoned Packages

Any packages or shipments that we receive will be considered abandoned in the following scenarios:

  1. We do not receive the associated fees or documentation within 30 days.
  2. Packages that contain an address that does not match with our records will be held for 30 days. And no one claims the packages with proper tracking information until the stated period.
  3. Your account is on authorization hold and you have not provided the necessary documentation within 30 day.
  4. There is no activity on your account for the last six months and you do not respond to any communication from us.

Unclaimed or abandoned packages will be discarded, sold off or given towards charity with the sole discretion of the company.

Package Refusal

We are not able to refuse any packages that arrive damaged or with incorrect content in them. We will send you pictures of the packages received as they are and if you are not satisfied with the content, you may ask us to send them back to the sender. The postal charges may be charged from you or the sender depending on the terms of the seller and any contracts that you may have with them. Any claims regarding damaged goods shall be directed at the carrier company or the seller.

Governing Laws

By using our services you agree to adhere to the following laws and regulations of the following authorities as applicable to your business and place of origin:

  • International trade regulations set forth by WTO, European Union and other UN regional and general regulatory bodies;
  • The U. S. Federal Government;
  • The U.S. Department of Commerce;
  • U.S. State Department;
  • U.S. Treasury Department;
  • Federal Trade Commission;
  • U.S. Customs and Border Patrol
  • Department of Homeland Security.

Your Responsibilities

You as United States Principal Person of Interest (USPPI) are responsible for determining and complying with all the applicable U.S. laws and regulations in regards exports and foreign trade. As well as, you have the sole responsibility of complying with the import regulations of the destination country.

You also agree to provide Splice Packages with all the necessary documentation related to your shipment clearance and are responsible for the accuracy of the information on the documentation.

You are also responsible for all custom clearance fees, duties, or taxes levied upon your merchandise on the foreign governments.

You are also responsible for notifying the sellers of merchandise from who you purchase the goods that they are intended to be exported outside of the United States.

Sanctions and Prohibited Items

You may not use our services to export any products that are prohibited by the U.S. laws for exportation through freight forwarders. Neither do we forward packages that are intended to be shipped to countries which are under sanctions by the United States government. You should review U.S. export laws for a list of prohibited items and countries. If any such items are found in your parcel upon checks, they may be forfeited or handed over to the authorities.

Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks

All the content, graphics, design, taglines, trademarks, and other intellectual materials on this site are the property of Splice Packages unless otherwise specified. Any content on this site or any information that you obtain from us through emails, official mail or any other sources is protected by the U.S. and international intellectual property laws and regulations. You may not copy, download, re-publish, or create a derivate work of any material you may find on this website or any other means without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

We believe in respect of the intellectual property of everyone. While we make every effort to ensure all intellectual material used by us is either created by our own specialists or we have acquired the legal rights to use the material. If you have any claim on any content on our site, you make contact us through the Content Us page, and we’ll make sure the issue is resolved.

Licenses of Use and Access

Subject your adherence to the terms and conditions of our service, you are provided access to and permitted to use our website, mobile applications, online booking, tracking, and payment software technology. Your permission to use them is non-exclusive, non-transferrable and limited for use only a single entity. You may use our software and technology on for legitimate purposes in accordance with the applicable laws.

Limits to Liability

To the extent permissible by U.S. laws, you indemnify Splice Packages, its associates, employees, or any third parties that are involved with us from any losses or damages occurred due to natural or manmade calamity and unforeseen events. Irrespective of the monetary value of the loss sustained by you due to any human error that could be rectified by us, any liabilities arising, in consequence, shall not exceed a maximum value of $10,000.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The services, website, software, content, and information of Splice Packages are provided on “As Is” or “As Available” basis unless otherwise expressed by us to you in writing. We make no promises, representations or warranties of any kind that may be implied from our content or promotional material. We make no claim as to the absolute correctness, completeness, about information regarding our services on our website or other informative material.

Dispute Resolution

All disputes and claims that arise during the course of your active membership cannot be taken any legal court in the United States or anywhere else without first bringing to our attention and allowing us a reasonable time to investigate the issue. We will try to resolve the issue as per our policies and/or other signed agreements.

If a resolution cannot be agreed upon within the stipulated period by binding arbitration done in good faith, only then can each party confer to the legal authorities and courts for remedies, in accordance with the Federal Arbitration Act.

In case, the conflict is not resolved through arbitration and goes on to court you agree that it shall be governed by only the United States Federal and State laws as applicable. The laws of other countries that conflict with U.S. laws shall have no bearing on the case. Any laws that do not conflict with U.S. laws can only be applicable if they were specifically agreed upon by both parties in signed contracts. The venue for case proceedings shall only be in the United States.


If any of the term(s) or condition(s) set forth in this document are not enforced by us for any reason whatsoever and not limited to the due to being deemed invalid or unenforceable by a U. S. court of justice, the term(s) or condition shall be considered severable and the remaining provisions of this document will stay valid and enforceable to the extent permissible by law.