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Shop and Ship is a process of shopping online from the USA stores and shipping to your home address overseas. It is a term to explain the swiftness of online shopping and shipping from the USA. This process allows users to shop from their favorite store and any product they are looking for, even if products are available online or at the Local Stores of the USA.

Our Shop and Ship service at Splice Packages gives you the freedom to access all the known online stores in the USA while sitting on your comfy couch from anywhere in the world. So, purchase your favorite branded products and get them delivered to our US-based warehouse; we will re-pack and consolidate them into one shipment and forward it to your doorstep.

Online Shopping and Shipping From USA

Being an online shopper and residing or working abroad, buying products from online stores in USA, you often encounter these common issues:

• The Online Retailers in USA don’t always ship internationally always
• International delivery and shipments can be expensive
• Or your Payments are not going through

Today, it’s frustrating when everyone and everything is connected through social networks, and the world is a global village. Still, you can’t buy the products effortlessly and economically that you want. That’s where A Package and Mail Forwarding Company plays a role in rescuing you.

How Shop and Ship Helps In Online Shopping?

  • • When an online retailer does not accept a foreign address, the package forwarding company provides you a physical USA address that you can use, and your parcel will directly arrive at the USA    warehouse safely.
  • • With a reliable Package Forward Company, you can always rely on it, knowing that your payment is fully secure whether your payment method is a debit or credit card, and PayPal. They keep your    information confidential and private with any 3rd party encryption and updated fraud detection software.
  • • The team can help you purchase anything from US online stores anywhere on your behalf, and the items delivered will be directly delivered to your doorstep. (Assisted Purchase Services)
  • • Using A Package Forward Company for all your international shipping products is intelligent and easy. As the shipping costs often go extraordinarily high for many international transactions, using    the Package Consolidation Service, you can save your valuable money by saving on the initial postage fees and shipping costs.

Shop and Ship with Splice Packages

Our valued customers are important to us, and we help them in every possible way through our excellent services. Some common issues that our customers usually come across are:

  • • Some USA online stores are not accessible outside the USA.
  • • The payment methods are too complex, or the payments would not go through.
  • • PayPal accounts or any international credit cards are required and the list goes on...

Our team provides several services that help our valued customers to get the desired products as quickly as possible by avoiding all these common issues mentioned above

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Splice Packages shop and ship not only helps individual consumers but to business as well. Follow the steps to get it started,

  • 1- Go to Splice Packages Sign-Up
  • 2- Create a Free User Account
  • 3- Get Access to US Free Warehouse Address
  • 4- Shop Online from the US stores and enter Splice Packages Free US Warehouse Address for delivery of your items
  • 5- Seller Ships your Package to our Address where we are going to Upload Packages to your account
  • 6- Submit a Consolidation or Shipping Request to get your items moving from USA
  • 7- Our Warehouse Team will prepare it for shipping and uploads the weight details
  • 8- Make a Payment for Shipping
  • 9- Receive your items at your Doorstep
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Get Amazing Experience of Online Shopping with Splice Packages Today!

Now when you know how to expand and invest your savings on the best US-based products and international brands by making purchases from US online stores using the amazing Shop and Ship service of Splice Packages. What stops you from getting into the sea of global promotions and discount deals on your favorite products?

The secret to snagging the best deals is to act smart and fast. So, tickle your fingers on your gadgets and start browsing, mark all your desired items and put them into the cart, and tick them off from your long-awaited shopping list today! As there is nothing more exciting than finding your favorite product from your favorite brand too easily. Via Splice Packages services, you can avail of maximum discounts and get hold of the superior products from all the famous and trustworthy brands of the USA. You can take full advantage of our exceptional package and mail forwarding services to get all products shipped safely to your desk.