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3 Month Ago | By Muhammad Ali

Privacy Policy

Splice Packaging (website name) is deeply committed to always conduct its business in compliance with social, legal, and technological requirements and standards. We strongly believe that protecting the privacy of information that we obtain from various sources regarding our clients and users is not only crucial for our business, but it is also the right of every client we serve. We have processes set in place to ensure the security and safety of data to the extent that is beyond what is required by the law.

This privacy policy statement outlines the details of how Splice Packaging acquires, utilizes, secures, and shares protected personal information about its visitors, customer or anyone who accesses our website through the internet. Henceforth, the words “We, Us, Our or the company” will be used to refer to Splice Packaging. The term “You” will be used to refer to “Website visitors, clients and all those whose information is secured and utilized by the company.”

Your Consent

By accessing or using this website, our services, or by submitting your information whether it is personally identifiable or anonymous, you implicitly consent to the privacy and security policy of the company which has been detailed in this document. If you have any concerns or questions about this policy or would like to change any part of it for you may reach us through the Contact Us page and provide us with the relevant information, and our people will reach out to you to handle your concern. However, the final decision is solely the company’s prerogative.

Ownership of Data and Information

All information stored at the company databases and servers is the sole property of the company. The company treats the data as a valuable company asset and does not disclose it to any non-relevant party. The company has all the rights to use this information in ways that help it in its operations. We do not sell or share this information with any outsiders except as described in the information sharing and disclosure section.

What Information We May Collect?

The company adheres to the principle of legitimate interest – that is, we obtain only the information that is vital for operating our business. Depending on the type of service provided, we may collect different information from different parties. The information we collect may include names, phone numbers, email address, mailing address, eWallet/credit/debit card information, and social security number etc. We use this information in accordance with the various national and international legal requirements.

We may also collect non-personally identifiable (anonymous) information when you visit our website, the details of which are explained in the use of cookies and server log files sections.

The Usage of Information We Collect

Any information we collect from various sources is used for:

  • Providing our services that you have demanded;

  • Processing transactions, and providing bills and receipts;

  • Conducting research and analyses to improve or customize our services for you in future;

  • Responding to questions, complaints, or suggestions;

  • Sharing promotional material that can be opted-out upon request;

  • Providing relevant information to trusted partners and business associates that help us deliver our services;

  • Carrying out our contractual obligations and enforcing our rights;

  • Following court orders, legal requirement, and government policies;

  • Preventing any fraudulent actions or security breaches;

Information Sharing & Disclosure

The company works with its partners in various areas, as well as with business associates who perform some of our non-core operations. All the firms, with whom we do business, enter into strict confidentiality agreements for the information that is shared with them to perform those functions.

As our business grows, we may merge with other companies; acquire or liquidate some subunits of our business. Information retained by us may be among the assets that are transferred as part of the process. In any scenario, the confidentiality of data will be ensured without a doubt. All agreements shall follow prescribed legal rules and industry standards.

Personally-identifiable information will not be disclosed in full to any third party except when required by law or when we believe it is necessary to protect the rights of other users or customers. We may share non-personally identifiable information without restriction to any third party we deem necessary.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files that are downloaded on to the user’s computer or mobile devices upon the first-time visit and saved in a temporary files folder. They are used by a website or its partner site to track user navigation patterns on the website.

We use various sorts of cookies for multiple reasons. They help in making navigation between the web pages faster as they are used to record user preferences and settings. The data collected through cookies is stored in an anonymous form. You have the right to restrict cookie permissions and can do it by using your browser settings menu. You may block or delete our cookie files using the settings. However,it is not recommended since if you need to access something without being logged, you can use the Incognito browsing available in many browsers where your navigation is not stored at all. Deleting or blocking the cookies reduces the efficiency and functionality of our website.

Use of Server Logs Files

While cookie files are stored on the user’s devices, the server log files are stored on the servers that are accessed by the users. The server log files may store your IP address, your browser type, time-stamps, and the website addresses through which you came on to our website or the websites that you navigated on to after accessing our website.

We utilize server log files to analyze the demographic information of our users, to understand broader user preferences and trends, to diagnose and troubleshoot server problems, and to prevent security breaches. We do not use any information obtained through server log files to identify anyone what so ever personally.

Use of Email Tracking

While reregistering to our website users are asked to opt-in to our informative and promotional material that we send to our users from time to time. These emails may contain email tracking tools that allow us to analyze the effectiveness of our promotional material. We track the click-through-rates of various emails sent to improve future marketing strategy. You can unsubscribe to these emails at any time through a link provided for unsubscribing with every email sent to you.

Links to and From Third-Party Websites

Our website may contain links to third-party websites for informational or promotional purposes. Also, our emails may occasionally provide third-party links that may be relevant to your preferences. Although we make every effort to ensure that the third-party links are from reliable sources, we do not have any control over the privacy and security policy of these websites. If you follow any link or make a purchase at those websites, it is entirely your responsibility. We recommend our user to review the privacy policy of any third-party website they visit before taking any significant actions.

User Comments, Testimonials, Reviews, and Survey Results

Occasionally we may conduct surveys to collect user feedback on specific areas. Our users may directly write to us through the comments sections available at various web pages, through direct email, or posting on social media. User feedback in terms of reviews, complaints, testimonials and general feedback about our services is entirely voluntary. However, once the information is shared, it is considered to be company property, unless the user specifically asks not to disclose the information. The company possesses the right to share useful user reviews and testimonials on our website or social media to help educate other users and prospective clients.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPRA) Compliance

The United State’s federal COPRA act requires a parent’s permission if a website collects information from the children under the age of 13. Since the services provided by us are not targeted at minors (children under the age of 18); therefore, we do not promote our services to minors by any means. Their parents or other adults order any products or services that may be intended for underage children. We do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information about minors; hence, we are in automatic compliance with the COPRA act.

Accessing, Correcting, or Deleting Information

As governed by the legal considerations like GDPR and CalOPPA, you may be able to obtain your personally identifiable information to view, modify or delete the whole or a part of information about you. The company maintains the right to decline the deletion, or editing of the data. If the deletion is permitted, we may still retain a portion of information for legal or technical reasons.

Data Security and Retention

The information collected by us or our affiliates from various sources is stored and retained at our secure data warehouses as long as we have a legitimate interest in the data. A lot of this information is susceptible like credit card/debit card information, usernames and passwords. All information that is transferred through our website is done by using secure encryption technology like SSL. Multi-layered security systems secure the information that is stored on our servers. The software and hardware used to maintain the security and safety of the data are of state-of-the-art nature. All the employees or affiliates who use the information can only access the information that is relevant to their job. Further, they are bound by strict confidentiality agreements, without which they cannot have access to any of the data. The premises of data warehouses that retain the data maintain high physical security according to modern security standards.

While the security of the information is a prime objective of the company, we can’t guarantee security in situations that are not under our control or in unforeseen scenarios. While hackers and people with mal-intent continually trying to circumvent various security measures, it may be possible that some security breaches do occur. Our incident response team is ready to deal with any unforeseen scenario and continuously reviews their policy of how to handle various scenarios as per the most up-to-date standards. That being said, we advise our users to play their part in securing their information. They should not reveal any of the sensitive information to anyone else. If you access your account from a public place, be sure to close your browser and log out of your system. If you can clear the history and log files, do so, to ensure that the data does not end up in the unwanted hands.

Privacy Policy Updates

Since the technological and legal environment continually keeps evolving, we also update our privacy policy from time to time. Any changes made to the policy will be updated on this page. We recommend our users to review this page occasionally to look for any changes to the policy. If any significant changes are made to the policy, we notify our customers and clients through email or other means of communication.