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The Internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Besides that, it facilitates us to procrastinate, entertain and meet our faraway friends, it also enables us to research, find and purchase things that we dreamed of for years or that are out of our physical reach. Today, online shopping has become a most prominent and accessible trend. All you need is to make an account and explore the unlimited offers coming your way through online stores.

Where this new phenomenon has brought challenges, changes, and even bright future, there are still so many “ifs” and “buts” that we find people are whispering when as an online consumer sitting in different country, need to purchase something from the largest consumer market of the world, USA. As, we notice, many brands in USA, who either don’t ship to other countries or don’t accept their debit/credit cards.

So, being an outsider, residing in Russia, when it seems almost impossible to get you desired items from USA online stores, it is heartbreaking. Russia, a country with a larger population and can be a great source of revenue to other countries’ retailers, from online marketing. But sometimes shipping goods from USA to Russia is more like a challenge to many USA retailors, so they deny their services to be available in Russia.

But Don’t Worry! Now Splice Packages brings Our Russian Consumers, the ease of package and mail forwarding from USA to Russia. We can deliver anything to your doorstep, as long as the item is not banned by the Russian Customs. So being Russian, losing out great opportunities to get your favorite products, not a smart move.


Shop & Ship From USA to Russian Federation

Safe and relaible shipping option

Shopping from USA, residing in Russia, is now made easy with Splice Packages. Our Shop and Ship service, provides an online shopper full freedom to have access to the all the Popular US-based online stores while sitting in front of your screens in Russia. We act as your personal US postal address, so you can enjoy the perks of being an US citizen to get your favorite items shipped directly to you in Russia. Or in case, the US retailer doesn’t accept your Russian payment methods.

we can make an assisted purchase for you on your behalf, so it can reduce the cost on your cross-border shipping from USA to Russia. So, get your favorite products and deliver them directly to our US based warehouse address, we will re-pack your product and forward to your doorstep.

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What is the cheapest way to ship from USA to Russian Federation

Safe and relaible shipping option

Splice Packages’ members get the fast, efficient and reliable shipping to almost every corner of Russia from USA. We can deliver your packages to almost all the Russian cities, as long as they are not restricted in shipping due to any conflicts. At Splice Packages, we facilitate you throughout the process of getting full advantages of the discounts and deals that in rates of cheap shipping from USA. We offer you a wide range of services that fulfill all your need and covers all your online shopping demands.

When you want something from an online US store, living in Russia, but the process of purchasing the product is too lengthy in terms of payment methods or too high on your budget regarding shipping costs. Splice Packages offers you so many purchasing and delivery options, living outside the USA. No hassle anymore, we are now available in Russia, we resolve all the international online shopping problems to get your desired items.

You Just Need to:

  • 1.     Sign-Up, get an account and a Free US Address
  • 2.     Shop and Ship to the Virtual address
  • 3.     Provide your Russian address
  • 4.     Get your items to Your Doorstep



We have partnered with the top shipping carrier companies to provide our users with the most
reliable shipping services at the most competitive prices.

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How long does it take to ship from US to Russian Federation

Being a Russian Consumer, when you sign up on our website and become our valuable member, you receive our Free USA based Warehouse Address. This allows you to ship your all purchased products from USA online stores to directly our USA warehouse. Once our team receive your ordered package, it is totally up to you to pick from our wide-ranging shipping options, that “how”, “when” and “where” you want to receive your products.

At Splice Packages, we offer the most affordable, and cheapest shipping from USA to Russia time. Your packages can be shipped to your doorstep in as fast as 2 days. Our shipping options from USA to Russia are:

  • Express delivery option: 2 to 4 business days
  • Economy deliver option: 5 to 8 business days


How much does it cost to ship from USA to Russian Federation

Estimating the shipping cost of your desired products from the USA to Russia, is quite easy with our Splice Package Cost Calculator stamped on our official website. Simply enter the expected weight of your package and get a price quotation in few seconds! A special access to our real-time shipping tool, allows you to compare shipping methods, price estimates, and shipping times so you get the lower cost of shipping to Russia with fastest delivery options.

Splice Packages, facilitates you in Cost of Shipping to Russia

As our only intention is to serve you in saving your money by cheap cost of shipping to Russia and making it easy and affordable!

  • • Our exclusive partnerships with reputed shipping carriers give you a cheap shipping from USA to Russia.
  • • Our members can get free services of consolidating packages to save the time and money both by combining all shipments from multiple USA retailers and repack them into one package, then ship directly to your Russian Address.

US address for shipping to Russian Federation

The Splice Packages’ warehouse is located in Florida, USA.

Our Valued Customers can use this address to ship all your packages. You can trust our services that benefits you in:

  1. Free Storage for Up To 200 Days
  2. Fast Processing
  3. Low Service Rates with No Hidden Charges
  4. Multiple Shipping Carriers
  5. Friendly and Cooperative Customer Support Centre

We provide numerous services including package and mail forwarding, assisted purchase, consolidation of packages and free USA warehouse address to all our customers around the globe.


“The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now” Idea was there forever; all it took time to develop. We started form USA with an aim to provide best package forwarding services to people over the world regardless of their location.


Our team includes dedicated and always ready to serve kind of players. We strongly believe that coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress while working together is success.


We have partnership with best and user-friendly carrier services includes but not limited to FedEx, DHL, Aramex, USPS & UPS.


Our Strategy, time of response, protocols, safety parameters, quality indexes and relationship with customers makes us unique and our services vibrant.