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picture 22 April , 2020

We all know what’s Amazon and how they operate from the USA. A fact cannot be denied that Amazon is the largest online shopping platform in the world. Online buyers can find any item of their choice while sitting online without any hassle or problem. Research says that Amazon sells more than 12 million products. That is why Amazon is leading online sales, and it’s not going to slow down at least for years from now. Because shopping is a passion and need for people all around the globe.


How to Ship from Amazon to Saudi Arabia

Most of the people living outside the USA want to shop and ship online from the USA, and their preference is Amazon because they can find all products there. Saudi Arabia (KSA) is one of those gulf countries where people are keen on online shopping, and they are contributing a lot in Amazon sales. In the past few months, Amazon shipped more than a million products just to Saudi Arabia. But the question arises, how people can ship to Saudi Arabia from the USA or how they can ship from Amazon to Saudi Arabia (KSA)? To answer this question, people need to know that Amazon generates more than 50% of its sales through third-party sellers. Because Amazon directly does not ship outside the USA, but we, as a third-party package forwarding company, helps you to get your items from Amazon to Saudi Arabia at your doorstep.


Splice Packages Free US Warehouse Address

Using splice packages to ship packages from Amazon to Saudi Arabia is so easy. We have a detailed customer dashboard through which users can monitor their shipment process until the package is delivered to customers at their desired address. Once you sign-up with Splice Packages, we provide you the Free US Warehouse Address, which you can use to make purchases from Amazon or any other online store which is not providing options to ship from USA to Saudi Arabia. Your package will deliver at our warehouse facility against your dedicated Suite Number, and we’ll initiate the shipping process as per your instructions.


Benefits of using Splice Packages

There are a lot of benefits to using our services. We are providing fast and reliable shipping to you. Our package consolidation option helps you to shop from different sellers and ship all items at the same time, and you can save a lot on shipping. Because if you buy different things from Amazon and ship each item separately, it’s not going to be a cost-effective solution. Splice Packages gives you multiple cost-saving options, and consolidating packages is one of them. We also provide an opportunity to the users that they can generate their invoice keeping in mind how customs law works or applied on shipping from the USA to Saudi Arabia. If a user wants to reduce the weight by removing the original packing of the item, we’ll do that for you, and we make sure you receive your package safe and sound at very cost-effective shipping.


Your Payment Option is not working?

We understand that it’s another drawback while shopping from the USA and shipping internationally. Even if you are buying from Amazon, some sellers do not accept the payment methods outside the USA. Sometimes people do not feel safe in adding a card or using a card at online platforms. Splice Packages brings you ultimate assistance in your simple shop and ship process. We have an Assisted Purchase feature which helps you in buying from any store, and if you don’t want to use your card, that’s fine use our bank wire transfer option and simply transfer funds to our Bank from your account, and we’ll buy your favorite item on your behalf.


As a worldwide largest online shopping platform Amazon is the preference, and we bring you the most comfortable and helpful procedure to Ship your favorite items from Amazon to Saudi Arabia.