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picture 16 December , 2020

Christmas is an important day for Christians, as it marks the birthday of Jesus, who, according to Christians’ believe “the Son of God.”

This day is celebrated on the 25th of December each year with all swings. Christian starts their day in churches with their holy prayers. After that, they celebrated it with Christmas dinners with their friends and families along with the traditional foods, such as mince pies, turkey, and special Christmas puddings. 

The exchange of gifts towards each other is also an essential activity for Christmas. The custom of exchanging gifts expresses their affection and thanks towards each other. So, Christmas presents are to delight and surprise the loved ones. 


Best Christmas Shopping Discounts and Deals to Shop for 2020!

We know that you may do a lot of shopping while the sales on Cyber Monday and Black Friday, but still, there are maybe a few items left on your Christmas bucket list, as many retailers turn their online shopping sales on. And this is considered as the Biggest Shopping Festival in the USA.


So, from food to gifts to décor to travel, the Christmas season demands many new purchases. So here we have found the best online sites for the best Christmas shopping discounts, so you can get unique and chic gifts while escaping the heavy crowds.  

Here are some of the best Christmas shopping discounts and deals for you to lock before Christmas Day.


                    If you want to get everything from one place, then nothing can beat Amazon. This is the world’s largest online shop that offers pretty much discounts on almost anything and for everyone. The interactive gift-finder tool on amazon makes the whole process even easier than anything.

Amazon Interesting Finds is full of amazing travel accessories, imperturbable home gadgets, interesting pet toys, and many other items full of fun and unique pieces.


                   Walmart offers Up to 60% off on different items like clothing, accessories, and other luxury items.


                    The sporting goods seller offers the best Christmas shopping discounts and sale from 17th Dec to 20th Dec. Buyers can get discounts Up to 50% on game tables, Up to 25% Discount on a fleece from Adidas and BCG, Up to 40% off on all the fitness-related products, and a 50% Discount on dog beds.


                Shop from Belk and get 15% off on your order while online shopping by 24th Dec.


                 Through 20th Dec, get a Discount of 15% on the orders online.


                  Through 28th Dec, get a discount of Up to 70% off on selected electronics and PCs. So, shop now.


                  If you want to buy gifts for your darling pets, take advantage of Petco’s amazing deals as it Offers 25% off on your orders through 16th Dec.

And much more…


But The Questions Is How to Ship from the USA?

So many things to buy as Christmas shopping is getting much more demanding and Christmas Shopping Discounts are getting much more intensifying, but what if you are a shopper outside the USA?

With the start of the Christmas Season, Buyers from all around the world impatiently waits for this month like nothing else. Just like always, on this Christmas, many stores have offered you never-ending deals on their products, as few are above-mentioned and many more. 


But the Real Hurdle appears When You are a Shopper from Outside the USA? 

Don’t Worry! We Got You a Solution!


Yes! You Read it Right!

You can still avail all these amazing Christmas Shopping Discounts on this 2020 shopping Season and easily shop online from the USA with us through a hassle-free shipping process. Many Big Stores like Amazon, Belk, Kohl’s along with many others, either the payment procedure is too complex, or they don’t ship outside the US at all.

But Don’t Worry! Now Shipping from the USA is Just a Click Away!

Splice Packages is a Package Forwarding Company that can shop and ship almost anything for you on your behalf, from US Online Stores to your doorstep. We offer our users an Assisted Purchase, and we ship packages from the USA through all convenient and safe ways. Our Company purchases your desired product for you on your behalf, you directly pay to us for your product, and the rest of the process is totally on us.

Sign-Up and Shop and Ship in this Christmas Shopping Season through a Simple process with the best Freight Forwarding Company, Splice Packages.


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