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picture 13 July , 2020

Big festivals, Big Discounts! This is the last biggest festival of our Muslim Communities around the globe according to the Islamic Calendar. The year is about to end as per the Islamic Calendar, this DHU-AL-HIJJAH is the last month of the year. Probably our Muslim community will be celebrating EID-AL-ADHA on the 31st of July. We would like to wish them on their holy celebrations.

This coming Eid as a token of respect and love from Splice Packages, we are announcing 30% off on Shipping from USA. Splice Packages would like to be a part of your celebrations. Our users can avail of this shipping discount from the 15th of July till the 1st of August.

These are the best days to avail 2020 Summer Shopping Discounts on all US stores and ship your shopping carts directly to your doorstep. Most US stores are offering astonishing shopping discounts and slashing up to 60% off on their available stocks. This summer, shoppers will find amazing deals on online stores, because many stores have been poorly affected this year due to COVID-19. Now the stores and markets are open once again, and this growing competition between retailers will be the ultimate benefit for buyers around the globe.

The USA is a vast market to take advantage of these Shopping Discounts. But shoppers may find difficulty in buying or shipping their items to their addresses. Some of the shoppers may be thinking of that; how are they going to receive their items from the US before the EID? But Splice Packages is available at your service to serve you in the right way and on time. If you want to avail of these EID Shopping Discounts, we will help you get the right deals, and we’ll make sure you receive your items on time with our quick processing and Shipping from USA.

Most of the online shoppers always find difficulty in shipping their items outside the USA. Because US brands they don’t ship to your country. Even if you find a store with an option to ship your items outside the USA, Shipping cost would be so high that users prefer to abandon their shopping cart.

With Splice Packages Shop and Ship process, we made your shopping and shipping from USA simple and easy. Shoppers may find solutions to their every shopping or shipping problem. Let’s shop together from the USA on this EID-AL-ADHA, and we will make sure you get the best shopping deal and receives your items on time.

This EID shop from USA and avail our amazing EID-AL-ADHA shipping discount offer. Shop more, ship more and save on shipping.

Please note: This shipping Discount is not valid for our Business Accounts. Only Personal accounts are liable to avail of this fantastic EID Shipping Discount.

                                             EID MUBARAK TO ALL MUSLIMS AROUND THE GLOBE