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picture 7 October , 2020

In the Continent of the Americas, Columbus Day is a National Holiday, and most of the countries in this continent celebrate this day. It's the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492. In Different countries of this continent, the name of the celebrations varies. It's celebrated as Columbus Day in the United States, whereas in Latin American Countries, October 12 is known as Día de la Raza or (Day of the Race). Jose Vasconcelos's book inspires people in Mexico, and they celebrate it as "Iberoamerican Race Day." After the discovery made by Christopher Columbus, the transformation of the United States of America is no history.


The United States is a country with +50 States and a home of Multi ethnicities and people belonging to various cultures and religions. As the time passed world has witnessed the country's transformation in every domain, be it technological or Technical, it has evolved so much. Unlike Christopher, we can't discover this great country again, but we have something amazing for you to discover; 2020 Shopping Sales In USA. October brings the killer 2020 Shopping Sales In USA on Online Stores with amazing discounts and sale up to 70% OFF on various stores.


As the year is ending, the season of sales and discounts have started. Columbus Day Shopping Discounts have declared various stores up to 70% off on a wide range of products. The winter holidays and Christmas is around the corner. This is the prime time when US Online Stores provide countless sales and discounts on a wide range of products, including home appliances, makeup, electronic gadgets, and various other products. Shoppers around the world wait for the end of the year as some amazing festivals and holidays come, including Thanks Giving, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Christmas. Online Shopping Stores in the US Declare 2020 Shopping Sales In USA and attract thousands of customers.


Why do people prefer shopping in USA? We all know that most of the world-famous brands are located in the USA, which makes Online shopping USA more fascinating. Additionally, rapid access to Millions of US Products and regular sales offers on various products also makes it more tempting for users in and outside the United States. Shoppers from all over the world wait an almost whole year for these sales and discounts. Even for Columbus Day coming on Monday, October 12, many US Online stores have declared sales on various products. Check out some of the amazing discounts on GNCQUAYHotelsHottopicAirwaeve, and many more.


If you're a shopper outside the USA you can avail all these discounts. One problem that almost every customer outside the USA Faces is the shipping process. Some of the big names of US Online Stores including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Bestbuy, and many do not ship outside the United States. For this purpose, a Package forwarding company or generically saying Shipping company is required which can ship your package from US Online Stores to your Doorstep. Splice Packages is a US-based Freight Forwarding Company, or if you're not familiar with the word Freight, please read out blog related to detailed comparison and understanding of Shipping and Freight.


Just visit Splice Packages if you're a new customer Sign-up now and on your dashboard, there will be a US Warehouse address for your package shipment which you can provide your vendor and they can deliver your package inside the USA to that address. Once we receive your package, we will upload its pictures in your account to request a test run. It can help you check your product, especially an electronic gadget, if it is functional or not or damaged by any means. After verification, you can schedule a shipment of your package via your preferred carrier company. Once you schedule your shipment, it will be delivered in 3-4 business days.


Another reason to prefer Splice Packages is the Assisted Purchase. Some of the US Online Stores do not accept payment methods outside the United States, and it is also the biggest hurdle for shoppers outside the United States. In this condition, you can go to your Splice Packages Dashboard, Assisted Purchase Section, and submit a request for Assisted Purchase with the link of your desired product. Splice will purchase that product on your behalf, and you can pay us directly for your product, and the rest of the process is the same as described earlier. Now enjoy hassle-free shop and ship process with the best Freight Forwarding Company Splice Packages.