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picture 1 May , 2020 | Ray Parker

We have discussed the benefits of Shipping and Online Shopping from the USA in our previous blogs. But there are some drawbacks as well. And the one is, paying sales tax while purchasing anything from the USA even when you are not residing here, and then you have to pay all these taxes to your local customs at the time of receiving items at your doorstep doesn’t make any sense to us. Because the taxes you will pay at the time of purchase, is your hard-earned money and there is no benefit of paying taxes to the USA government.


There are some tax-free states in the USA. Buyers can make purchases and they don’t have to pay extra. Few Package Forwarding Companies of the USA are offering Tax-Free Warehouse addresses to the buyers around the globe.


Splice Packages is one of those companies which are offering Tax-Free address so our users can save their hard-earned money. There are 5 cities with no sales tax in the USA including “Alaska, Oregon, Montana, New Hampshire, Delaware”. We do not have a warehouse in these states but still, we have managed a Tax-Free address in Florida for our users. In every state, certain types of items are tax-free most commonly food items or medicines.


Splice Packages believes business mentors are the key, that’s why we want to give you the time and guidance on your every shopping need. Each state offers unique exemptions over sales tax but it depends upon “Type of the item being sold, The Address to which the item will be shipped”. No state imposes taxes on all goods it varies from state to state.


 If the user residing somewhere outside the USA, he will definitely have the benefit of using our Tax-Free Warehouse address as he does not have to pay any sales tax at the time of purchase. He can save dollars on his or her every purchase from the USA. With Splice Packages you can not only save on your shopping but you can ship as many items at once after consolidating all of your items in one shipment.


 So no more hassle just go to your dashboard and use our warehouse address as your shipping address inside the USA and pay %0 on sales tax and ship your items with Splice Packages and we are offering free storage at our warehouse for up to 200 days. Now make your purchases Tax-Free.

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