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picture 30 January , 2023

Modern times have significantly increased the trend of online shopping due to several factors such as the widespread use of the internet and smartphones, the convenience and ease of online shopping, and the availability of a wide range of products and services online. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards online shopping as more people avoided visiting physical stores and opted for contactless delivery options.

There are several worldwide trends in online shopping that have emerged in recent years:


  • Mobile Shopping: More and more people are using their smartphones to shop online, with mobile commerce accounting for a significant portion of e-commerce sales.
  • Social Media Commerce: Social media platforms are becoming a major channel for online shopping, with many consumers using platforms like Instagram and Facebook to discover and purchase products.
  • Subscription-Based Models: Subscription-based models, such as subscription boxes and streaming services, are becoming increasingly popular as they offer convenience and personalized experiences to consumers.
  • Personalization And Customization: Online retailers are using data and technology to personalize the shopping experience for consumers, tailoring product recommendations and creating customized products.
  • Increased Focus On Sustainability: Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and are seeking out eco-friendly and sustainable products when shopping online.
  • Contactless Delivery: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased focus on contactless delivery options, such as curbside pickup and drone delivery.
  • Emergence Of New Technologies: Advancements in technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality are being used to enhance the online shopping experience, allowing customers to explore products in a more immersive way.


Best package Forwarding US To Canada services.

At splice Packages, our team is quick and very careful with all your purchases and makes every possible effort to ship your packages to your doorstep in Canada with all the safety measures. We facilitate you throughout the process of getting full advantages of discounts, deals, and promotions even those that are only valid for US-based customers only, by using our Buy For Me Service. With our wide range of services that fulfill all your shop and ship needs, our team also intends that you can have a lower cost of parcel forwarding to Canada from the USA. Furthermore, the Assisted Purchase Service at Splice Packages provides you the help with any difficulty of unfamiliar payment methods or any hurdle regarding rules and regulations.

Now, All Your favorite USA stores are just a click away. So, don’t suffer anymore, we are available for services to Canada now, to get you through the process simply Sign Up For Free and get started.


How Do I Forward A Package From US To Canada?

Forwarding a package from the US to Canada is as easy as ordering a pizza you just need to know a few of the following steps that are involved in our Package Forwarding process.


  • Sign Up For Package Forwarding Company: To get reliable services Sign-Up for free with Splice Packages and have access to your Shop and Ship dashboard to manage Packages, Purchases, and Shipments from the USA. After Signing Up you will also enjoy priority access to our customer support who can help you with any question or concern you may have.
  • Get Access To Free US Warehouse Address: Once you have an account, you can get our Warehouse Address from User Dashboard which you will use as the destination address when making online purchases from US Online Sellers.

  • Make your Purchases: Once you have your US shipping address, you can make your purchase from any US-based online retailer. Be sure to use the US Shipping Address as it’s mentioned or appearing in your user dashboard. 

  • Receiving Package At Our Facility: Your purchases will be shipped to our address, our warehouse team will receive your items and will upload pictures of the content to the system. Our team will inspect the package, consolidate it if requested, and then ship it to your Canadian Address.

  • Choose Carrier & Pay For Shipping: When your items and packages from multiple stores are consolidated and ready for shipping as per your instructions simply choose a shipping carrier as per your convenience like, FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, or Aramex and make payment to get your items shipped to your address in Canada. 

  • Track Your Package: With Splice Packages, you can keep on tracking your shipment till you receive your package at your doorstep. All Shipping carriers provide tracking for shipment, which you can use to track your shipment. 

It is important to note that there may be additional charges for customs clearance and taxes, so be sure to check with the local customs office for their fees and any additional taxes that may be applied to your shipments from the USA.


How Much Is The Forwarding Fee From US To Canada?

Shipping fees from the US to Canada can vary depending on several factors such as the package size and weight, shipping speed, and the services you choose.

The cost of shipping can also vary based on the carrier and the service level you choose, such as standard shipping or expedited shipping.

On average standard shipping costs can range from around $15 to $50 for a small to medium-sized package and can be significantly more for larger or heavier packages. Also, it's important to note that shipping rates can vary depending on the carrier you choose and their expedited shipping services.

To get an estimate on your package forwarding visit our Shipping Calculator to calculate the shipping based on your shipment dimensions and the actual weight of your package.


What Is The Fastest Way To Forward Packages From US To Canada?

The fastest way to ship from the US to Canada is through expedited shipping services such as express shipping or overnight shipping.

Carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL offer expedited shipping options, which typically have transit times of 1-3 business days, depending on the destination. However, these expedited shipping options can be more expensive than standard shipping.

It is also important to note that it can take longer for packages to clear Canadian customs, so as an expert in package forwarding services, it's our recommendation to get in touch with our Live Chat Support before shipping or making a purchase to get confirmation on shipping with the estimate of transit time and to make sure if the item is eligible for Shipping Internationally From USA.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Send Package To Canada?

The cheapest way to send a package to Canada will depend on the size and weight of the package, as well as the shipping speed you need.

One of the cheapest options for shipping small packages is through standard shipping or economy shipping. This is a cost-effective option for packages that are not time-sensitive and have a lower weight and size.


Another option to save on shipping costs is to Consolidate Your Packages, which means combining multiple packages into one and shipping them together. This can help to reduce shipping costs.

To ship heavy or bulky shipments Sea Freight is a cheaper option than Air. Obviously, it's a slower shipping process, and it's more suitable for shipping items that are not time-sensitive.


For customers wanting to ship products from the United States to Canada, our shipping calculator makes it simpler and easier to calculate your shipping charges. Our real-time shipping tool allows you to compare shipping methods, price estimates, and transit time so you get the lower package forwarding cost from the USA to Canada.

For further details on pricing or our services charges visit Splice Packages Pricing and calculate the total cost of shipping packages from the USA to Canada.