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picture 29 November , 2019

Shopping and shipping services in US have their advantages, as many brands are not available to other countries and US stores are not shipping items outside the US. Clothes are among the most well-known items sold online around the world American-made clothing brands make tenacious long-lasting quality. Shop around and look for different brands. Once you choose a brand that works for you, stick with it to reduce the usual risks of buying online.

Honestly, there are just too many clothing brands having online stores, some are expensive and some are cheap. It completely depends on your budget and we know choosing the best clothing brand is not easy.

The Cheapest way to ship clothes from US by courier/ package forwarder

Buy from US and ship to other countries to your doorstep has now become very easy.  When you buy from US and want to ship it to your country, customers are wondering that how can we send these packages of clothes and how much it may cost to do so, the best way is to find a package forwarding company or a forwarder. They provide great shipping discounts.

Package forwarding services offers the best solution to save you on huge shipping costs.

Here are some steps of how this service works:

1.     Shop online with a US retailer and make a purchase.

2.     The package forwarding company receives it on your behalf at a free US address against your unique SN number assigned to you and you can receive mail and packages of any size.

3.     They ship your order to your home country and you only pay them the price of shipping.

When you have ordered more than one item, it’s best to wait for all the items to arrive before shipping them to your address. Your package will be repacked so that it takes the least amount of space and is, therefore cheaper.

The Easiest way to shop and ship

Shopping from US is now much easier than ever. Splice packages is the first company who serves more customers from UAE, Dubai, and the Middle East every month and forwarding packages from Nike, Ralph Lauren and other US Clothing Brands. Splice packages make it easy for you to shop from US shopping websites and receive your packages to our secure warehouses on your behalf.

Splice packages have a built-in calculator for shipping rates for various shipping methods to other countries like DHL, FedEx, USPS, Aramex, etc. Our shipping calculator will help you to figure out which courier company is best, based on how much you have to spend and how urgent your package is. It is a great place to find a courier to handle your packages of clothes. Clothing is one of the most common items sent by the people more often the clothes are packaged in a large box and can be quite heavy.

When the package size is big, the price can be higher, so being able to choose from different carriers in one place will help you to select the cheap courier services and better prices for shipping clothing. We are partnered with the cheapest courier companies for shipping big items inside the US, or overseas.

Offer different couriers

This is the best thing to offer a choice of delivery service, some customers may be willing to pay some extra charges to get the item delivered quickly whereas there may be some who want to wait a little more just to pay less. Splice packages is offering a different shipping carrier to match every time frame and every budget.

The advantages of using a package forwarding service in US

  • No deposits are required, you just pay for the shipment.
  • Many payment methods are accepted, such as PayPal, Credit & Debit cards (Visa, Master, Amex, Discovery), and bank wire transfers.
  • The company can store each package free of cost for 200 days from the date when it was uploaded to your account. If you are expecting multiple packages, save money by keeping them together.
  • If the store you are shopping from requires a US credit card, a service company like splice packages offers to buy items for you via assisted purchase.

The best way for the cheapest rates is to combine all your shopping purchases in a single box to optimize your costs and track your shipments easier. Consolidated shipping is one of the best ways to save more money when shopping in the US.

Before you receive packages to make sure your shipment is accurate. As a trusted freight forwarder, we offer quality assessment and test run options to view photos and inspect your delivered packages before we ship them to you to ensure product quality and avoid unnecessary returns back to the states.

We aim to be the cheapest package forwarding service in the market with no hidden fee. On top of tax-free and package consolidation savings, we provide our members with further discounts on shipping fees and mail forwarding.

We can customize your shipping workflow through our package forwarding business solutions which include barcoding, re-labeling, item preparation, returns, and more.