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picture 13 October , 2020

With the ending of 2020, the holiday season is coming. 2020 has not been the most joyful but it left its marks. But as they say “all is well that ends well”. With the arrival of November and December which we say the happiest months of the year number of joyful holidays come with some amazing occasions like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. As December is considered as the month of festivities like Christmas, all these events bring more joy with enticing food and amazing discounts. Consumers regardless of their presence In or outside the US wait for these months when US Online Stores, retailers, and vendors give the biggest discounts of the year on a wide range of products.

Like all other stores or vendors, US Online Stores also provide all their customers be it recreational shopper, online consumer, or walk-in customer because such discounts not only attract a large number of people towards their business and help it grow but also make their brand popular among large groups of people. Discounts especially in these holiday seasons provided by US online stores or retailers are worth availing as sometimes they can be up to 60-70% on a wide range of products. If you’re a technology freak or obsessed with electronic gadgets, cosmetics, clothing, household articles, or anything else these online shopping discounts are meant for you regardless of your presence in any part of the world.

With the start of November Online Shoppers begin their searches for the Cheapest Online shopping sites in USA and search for their favorite products either to gift their loved ones on Thanksgiving or any other event or for their personal use. This is a fact that with the concept of globalization and advancement in communication the longer distances have compressed a lot. Your friend living in another part of the world is now just a call away and this is the true concept of the world become a global village as you can communicate with any person anytime and all this happens in just a few seconds. This digital advancement like every other domain has benefited the e-commerce industry as well as the search span of users is not limitless. No matter if I’m sitting outside the United States or anywhere in the world, I can look for anything I want. All I need is just my smartphone or laptop and I can search for hundreds of online shopping sites in USA and with a reliable International Shipping Sites and I can get anything I want.

When we focus on US Online Stores or generically saying the US market there is a very strong reason for that. With the advancement of time technically or technologically we all know the US market has kept evolving the most and now it has become the hub of modernization and technology. With readily available brands to the ever-rising spectrum of technological instruments, one can easily buy anything from US online stores or any other Online Shopping Sites in USA. If you’re sitting outside the US the broad definition of Shopping has just confined to two words “Shop and Ship”. With the search of Cheapest Online shopping sites in USA you might look for US delivery companies or any shipping company providing International Shipping from USA for the delivery of your product to doorstep.


Here comes the question for Shipping Packages from USA? Users search for Freight Forwarding Companies or in easy words cheapest shipping companies. However, if you are a user outside the US and looking for the best international shipping companies, Splice Packages is your one-stop for all your Shop and Ship needs. In Splice Packages, we always try to provide the best international shipping rates for shoppers outside the US with fast and reliable service. A person looking for the cheapest way to ship internationally has always tried and wished for the best Overseas shipping experience.


Around the year freight forwarding companies or Shipping companies provide their customers these services and help them get the cheapest international shipping rates. If I’m looking for my favorite product from Online Shopping Sites in USA, I will look for the fastest international shipping or more specifically cheapest international shipping from USA. Searching these simple words like freight forwarding companies near me can easily confuse you as to which company I should choose with the best international shipping rates. To make your Online shopping form USA and shipping more reliable and smoother, Splice Packages is providing package forwarding service for sending packages overseas to any part of the world you live.

How does it work?

 If you’re outside the US and looking for your favorite products from US online Stores, the procedure is very simple. Just choose your favorite item that you would like to ship to your doorstep. Your retailer will ask you for the address to deliver your packages inside the US as many US online stores are not providing international shipping services. You can look for stores that ship internationally but to be honest this reduces your search span since such stores are very limited. Sign-up with Splice Packages and after registration you’ll get a free US Warehouse address that you can provide your retailer to ship your package inside the US and once we receive your package, we will notify you and after consolidating your packages carefully in packing, you can schedule a shipment to your doorstep and yes it’s that simple!

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up today and start your Shop and Ship process with Splice Packages with the cheapest package forwarding service on the cheapest international shipping rates for shoppers around the globe to accommodate the idea of cheapest international shipping from USA. Enjoy the festivity of Christmas carefreely on your home with your loved ones gifting or buying your favorite products this year with Splice Packages.